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I have worked on many commissions for private customers, interior designers and art consultancies, and large and small companies and businesses. Please see my collaboration page for examples of these. Below is a quick outline of what to expect when commissioning an artwork or illustration. I also very much enjoy working on commissions as it is always very exciting and very different to how I usually work when producing fine art.


Commercial commissions.


If you feel that my style of work compliments your brand and you would like to commission an original artwork or illustration then please send me a brief email covering the basics.  If this is a project on which I believe we can collaborate I will request more details including how you envisage the project proceeding, usage, timeline and your budget. We can then go from there!


Private commissions.


The commissioning process is fairly simple. You contact me to find out if it is something I can do and let me know any ideas and details you may have, and then I will provide you with a quote.  Generally, I would produce several alternative pieces so that you can choose between them.

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